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1. Introduction

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Smenu in Action :

    This site is devoted to the management of Oracle Database, using Unix shell scripts or a Java application called 'DBAJ'.


       Smenu is a Selection of Unix, SQL and PL/SQL scripts, sorted by category. It is used from outside the DB as a regular Unix command. Smenu manage the connection to the DB and executes a predefined SQL and the result is output on the screen. Shortcuts allows allots of optional parameters to alter execution. With the help of cut of paste, out results from one scripts becomes the input of another one. This allow a level of drill down and data mining in all directions. There are over 127  base commands sorted by category and the whole amount to a huge numbers of options. In effect, Smenu acts as a repository of knowledge. Smenu is heavily geared on daily management and all forms of OLTP workload, including Oracle Streams which is the author specialty.

2. Source of Smenu

     Half of the scripts in Smenu comes from publication on books, articles and blogs. Whenever possible, we always kept the name of the author. Our role is one of selecting the best and adapting it to Smenu. Here and there we have supplied missing features to cover as much as possible all aspects of the daily tasks of a production DBA job.

3. Why use Smenu ?

  •   Simple

 Because Smenu is simple to install, simple to use, simple to maintain but id does not prevents Smenu to offer advanced features not to be found in grid control.

  •   Stock pile your knowledge into ordered scripts

    Learning the Oracle DBA job is not too difficult, but keeping alive in your memory all what you ever encountered is near impossible. Though, what you encounter today, may come back anytime in the future. Will you remember exactly your analysis? The best practices is to save your current work into a script for later reuse within a category of files that you have classified accordingly. 
  •   Free

Smenu is completely free, no charge and it is also on

4. Supported Platforms and Oracle Versions

Smenu support any platform that can handle a bash of ksh Shell. :
Platforms 9i 10g 11g
Linux Y
Windows (Cygwin) Y
Sun Solaris Y
License:   Smenu is a freeware product, you do not need any license.

5. Commands are Shortcuts 

      We try to keep the command very short, usually between 2 to 4 characters length, for this reason we named them 'shortcuts'. You load the 127 shortcuts by sourcing an environment file your root Smenu directory (. $SBIN/ad). Since the shortcuts are sorted by category you don't need to learn them by heart, this will come with usage. You only need to know one command to start :'sp'.

 This command list all others shortcuts sorted by category this list is generated and maintained by Smenu itself).

/home/oracle> sp

Administrative and miscellanous : wpe sp wp vsh aud lsbk dbrep
Database, jobs : up rac sts vsp dblk jb shed
SGA : soc buf lc par pard sga lom
Stats, Logminer, statspack, trace : sstv sx aw xpl lgm tkp
Tablespaces, datafiles, transport. : frg lstd asm ttbl
Tables, index and objects sources : dsk src dep cpl idx tbl obj seg mod sta
Sessions : cpt mts ks sa sl lsqr dpf
Users and grants : drm rol prf
SQL and Undo : sq sqn slo st spx tx rlbs
Latch and enqueue : lck lat
Redo, Dataguard, Streams, Mview : rdl apl dg app cap rul aq prop mw rep
Waits, events and stats : sys ses sls sle ws wss wst srv

6. The power of  shortcuts drill down 

    With shortcuts, you obtain facts and figures from the DB, since You get  results formatted, you can cut and paste relevant parts of the information to pass it as argument to another shortcuts. This way, you can drill down very far

7. How do you pronounce Smenu ?     

      This is an important question. Pronounce it : "Ess-menu". If it is too difficult, tie a knot in your tongue and retry.          

8. Download Smenu

          Download Smenu 9i and 10g     
Download smenu 9i and 10g

Download smenu_tar11g V11.31.01 (9i,10g & 11g)

download RPM smenu-11.31-01.noarch.rpm

note about the RPM installation: as user root, rpm -iv smenu-xx.xx-xx.noarch.rpm. It will install the scripts in /opt/smenu, if you prefer another location than use the --prefix. If it complains about missing dependencies (perl for ex.) you can use --nodeps. Once the rpm is installed, go to /opt/smenu (for ex.) and type ./ then answer the prompts


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